Katie Hopkins Targeted By Hackers – And The Net Reacts As Expected

Katie Hopkins is known for making headlines on Twitter but it seems someone has decided to get revenge – by hacking her account.

Several unflattering pictures, thousands of deleted tweets and a threat of a sex tape later and it’s safe to say Katie’s had better days.

But then maybe a taste of her own medicine is what she deserved given her history of Tweeting the wildly offensive. Indeed, the net seemed to bask in the glory of her downfall.

For a while Hopkins became ‘jiggly jaws katie’ as the hacker – appearing under the name Phil Olbison – altered her handle and unfollowed everyone apart from himself.


Thankfully, a link to a sex tape featuring Hopkins is yet to materialise although the hacker did post a video of a fat guy jerking off on Pornhub – neither of which anybody really wants to see!


The controversial celeb big brother star has offended millions of people with her crude attitude to life – after launching an attack on migrants and saying she judges her children’s school friends based on their names.

Her antics, or those of the hacker, didn’t go unnoticed by the world of Twitter either. Many were all too quick to enjoy her misfortune, led by comedian David Schneider.

“Revenge is sweet” is the saying, right?

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