21 Stunning WWII Then And Now Photos That Turn Back Time

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It is a little over 70 years since the Second World War was concluded, but as these stunning photo montages show, some parts of the world have changed very little in the time since.

These ghostly then and now images are a powerful reminder of days gone by and highlight the truly destructive nature of mankind.

The unconditional surrender of Germany and Japan to the Allies in 1945 bought to an end a bloodbath that claimed the lives of an estimated 50 million people and maybe many more.

wwii4Sergey Larenkov

A powerful reminder of the past

Each image shows one tiny part of the larger conflict – carefully blending modern colour photos with those from war-torn 1940’s Europe to form spectacular then and now pics.

Jack Beckett, founder and editor of warhistoryonline, worked alongside photographers, artists and historians, including Jo Hedwig Teeuwisse, Adam Surrey and Sergey Larenkov to create the then and now images, seen on ghostsofhistory.

wwii16Adam Surrey
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