Filmmakers Pitch-Perfectly Recreate Iconic Scenes From GTA And It’s Amazing

The good people at Corridor Digital (directors Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and produced by Jake Watson) have produced another incredible YouTube video that defies belief. Real GTA seamlessly recreated the Grand Theft Auto 5 universe.


The idea came about when the guys were recently shooting a longboard video. They were using a GoPro gimbal that gave them such smooth shots that it almost looked like drone footage.

Sam sat down one night and typed up a GTA 5 script that basically involved people driving around and getting shot and the team broke several laws to bring you the video.

By setting up the GoPro gimbal in a 3rd-person perspective, they were able to perfectly recreate the look and feel of Grand Theft Auto 5.

They were originally planning on putting the GoPro gimbal on the end of a piece of PVC but they realised they needed a little more distance between the camera and the subjects. If they were following a car and the driver hit on the brakes, for example, they’d have an accident on their hands.


In the end, they strapped the GoPro gimbal to the end of one of the longest, strongest audio recording booms in the market and they knew they’d found their solution.


They decided that if they were going to truly make the world feel like it was in the game, they’d have to capture some of the most iconic locations in the game, such as the visually striking Griffith Park Observatory


The gimbal gave them the ability to move between environments with ease. Switching from a tarmac to grassy location on the same shot was totally possible.


Despite his appearance, the actor playing the criminal is actually on the opposite side of the law. In real life, he is the Corridor Digital Films’ lawyer.


Their approach to sound FX in the video is truly genius. Rather than using natural sounds, recorded on set, all the sounds were all originally from the game. In order to get the sounds they needed, they went into the game and recreated the moments in similar locations in the game. When the actor is in the gun range, shooting the gun, those are the actual sounds from the gun range in the game. When he steals a car, that’s the actual sound from a car being stolen in the same location in the game.