Rescued Circus Lion Experiences Grass For First Time In Heart-Warming Video


Will the Lion had been confined to a cramped cage in Brazil his whole life.

A heart-warming  video has been doing the rounds, showing the retirement of a circus Lion called Will, who had spent a lifetime in circus performances in Brazil.

The touching video shows “the thrilling moment Will experiences, for the first time, the feeling of soil and grass beneath his feet”.

Prior to this video being shot, Will had spent his entire life with a traveling circus in Brazil, most of which was spent in a cage or in the ring.

“For 13 long years, the lion had been confined to a cramped cage and denied any semblance of a normal existence”.

Acting like a adorable playful house cat, the African lion kneads at the grassy ground, which is tragically, a foreign material for a creature who, up until then, had known only cold metal floors.

But enough from us… enjoy:

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