This Incredible Aerial Photography Is Now Illegal And These Drone Photographs Are One-of-a-Kind

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These days, drones are ubiquitous. They’re found everywhere, from the hands of hobbyists to high above the battlegrounds of war torn nations.

With legislation struggling to keep up, the opportunities that drones present are still being explored. Jon Stewart famously – and deservedly – derided CNN’s drone coverage of the Selma bridge, but the reality is photographers have been pushing the boundaries of their craft with the latest drone technology and delivering some gorgeous aerial photography in the process.

One photographer in particular, Amos Chapple, was one of the earliest adopters of drone photography and as soon as drones came on the market, he knew he needed one.

He bought one and taught himself to fly it and soon began traversing the planet, capturing famous landmarks in ways that they had never before been seen. Drone photography is now illegal in most of these locations, but for a few brief months Chapple took advantage of the lack of legislation and took these stunning aerial photographs. In fact, now that drone photography has been outlawed at these landmarks, these may be the only aerial photos of their kind.

Aerial photographer, Amos Chapple travels the world, capturing some of the planets most famous landmarks from the air.

unbelievable aerial photography of the taj mahal

The Taj Mahal in India, with the Yamuna river weaving away from it’s source in the Himalayan mountains.

Aerial drone photography gives the viewer the ability to take in a unique view of the surroundings, not possible with other forms of photography.

the kremlin photographed in a stunning aerial shot

Arguably Russia’s most famous landmark, the Kremlin stands hauntingly empty in this incredible drone photograph.

On the subject of aerial photography, Chapple says: “It’s amazing to be able to explore an aerial image. There’s such an immensity of information.”

the jama masjid photographed from the air

The Jama Masjid is the heart of Islam in India. Built by the same emperor that commissioned the Taj Mahal, it attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Chapple shot the Taj Mahal from the air as the morning’s first visitors begin trickling through the gates.

taj mahal drone photography

This stunning aerial shot of the Taj Mahal, taken from the air by a drone, is likely to be one of the only in existence, as drone photography in the area is now illegal.

Soon after he began releasing his photography, he was commissioned by agencies, tourism bureaus and private clients for aerial photos of iconic locations. The Hotel Ukraina in Russia (below) is one such example.

stunning drone photograph of hotel ukraina

Moscow’s Hotel Ukraina looks stunning and dominates the skyline when lit up at dusk.

Chapple began his exploration into drone photography when the commercial drone first hit the market in 2013.

stunning aerial photograph of Katskhi Pillar in Georgia

For the last 20 years, a hermit has lived in The Katskhi Pillar in Georgia, claiming that by doing so, he is “closer to god.”

Sometimes looking at something from a different angle opens up a whole new perspective that you might not have seen before. Here, looking at the aerial photography of Barcelona, the city’s grid is clearly visible.

barcelona drone photography

The city of Barcelona, Spain.

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