You Won’t Believe What Eating A Big Mac Does To Your Body!

Have you ever wondered what eating fast food does to your body? Or more specifically what eating a Big Mac does to your body?


Well thanks to an detailed infographic from Fast Food Menu Price, now it’s possible to know what the prized possession of the Golden Arches might do¬†– and the results might strike fear in the inner-burger-loving you…


Via: Fast Food Menu Price

So what happens when you eat one? Here’s a summary: read on if you dare…

After 10 mins

Abnormal blood sugar levels and a want to eat compulsively…gulp

After 20 mins

High levels of addictive sodium and fructose corn syrup leave you wanting more…

After 30 mins

Salt drives dehydration while sodium makes heart and kidneys work harder to eliminate high salt content…

After 40 mins

A desire to eat more, driven by high calorie meals driving insulin responses that drag down glucose levels…

After 60 mins

Sit back in the knowledge it will likely take more than 3 days to digest the burger you’ve just devoured… ¬†Considerably longer than a lot of other foods!

Understandably McDonald’s are apparently not too happy with the infographic – we can’t possibly think why! And doctors have suggested some of it might be exaggerated.

So….. Anyone for a Big Mac?