This Is A London Underground Train to Hyde Coke Corner


How do you know when you’ve gone too far on night out?

Maybe it’s when you fall asleep in the toilet of a nightclub, or viciously chunder all over a bouncer? Or maybe, it’s when you’re filmed snorting coke off your hand on an underground train?

While the latter is probably a very rare occurrence, one well-spoken City Boy is probably now regretting his antics from June 5.

Clearly already royally smashed, he brazenly gums and snorts coke like there’s no tomorrow – much to the shock and amazement of others in the carriage. He even goes as far as to offer some around!


We’ve all seen The Wolf Of Wolf Street but the unnamed worker is probably regretting the events that made him look like he was an extra in the hit Di Caprio movie!

He claims he works for a Data Room Provider in the video, but we’d like to hazard a guess that he WORKED for one after this. Bye bye career and bye bye funding for an expensive habit…


Here’s a few of his best lines:

“I’m going to fuck my gums up silly. I’m not tryin to be a dick – I just like taking it.

“This is no playground boys. If you want to do a line and fucking play, you do it.

“Guys, if you want a gummy, there’s some on the floor.”

Then comes the point when he inevitably prangs out…

“I’m pissed. Absolutely fucking annihilated. I’ve got this which is fine.

“Oh my God, I’m fucked. Oh my God I’ve just taken way too much coke. I’m freaking out, fuck, fuck – why am I on a Tube?”


While snorting white powder probably happens on the down-low across the City, few are as brash to ether admit it, or be seen doing it in public.

Filmed between Elephant and Castle and Kennington on the northern line, the guy who caught it on camera had some interesting things to say.

“He didn’t seem to care that everyone was watching him. It was just so open.

“The man was obviously high already. He got out this big bag of coke, it was huge, and just started snorting it.”

Who needs the Tube when you can fly? The only issue is that this guy wasn’t heading to Heathrow!

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