WATCH: Australian Rugby Player Breaks Arm During SHOCKING Live Televised Arm Wrestle

A former Australian national rugby player, Wendell Sailor broke the arm of his fellow player, Ben Ross live on Australian television.

The unfortunate incident took place live on The Footy Show, an Australian rugby league show. The two were taking part in the Iron Arm Challenge, a charity arm-wrestling event set up for charity.

Ross was taken to hospital immediately, and the television network immediately cut to an ad break.

But enough, take a look for yourself and it goes without saying that this video is not for the faint-hearted and contains elements that you may find disturbing unless you are a hollow shell of a man.


“After he got the start on me, I’ve pushed back. And as I’ve pushed I saw him use his bodyweight a little bit, which you do anyway, to try and stop me coming back to that point,” Sailor explained.

“At that stage, that sound, the look on his face, what just happened. It was just gut-wrenching. I thought he might have pulled a biceps muscle. But just to see his arm hanging there, I felt so helpless. I didn’t know whether to pick him up or what to do. There’s so many emotions running through your head.

“I’ll never arm wrestle again now. Not even for fun, not even with mates. I used to like to do it for fun but I’ll never arm wrestle again after seeing what just transpired there.”