A Graffiti Artist Is Helping Kim Jong-un Take Over The World (But Not How You’d Think)!

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North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has fallen victim to an anonymous graffiti artist and the results are hilarious!

The leader’s face has appeared on a number of signs and posters across the world thanks to a graffiti artist known only as Smear Leader.


Via: Instagram

King Jong-un appears on a woman’s body as Nicki Kimaj and as Seinfeld loser George Costanza – the one often referred to as ‘Lord of the Idiots’ – in just boxer shorts and socks.

The pictures are popping up all over the world as the artist distributes his work on stickers online, which fans then buy and stick anywhere – as the pics prove!

Examples of the work have been seen in Brazil and Kazakhstan, as well as in Washington DC and Tokyo!


The artist has also created a parody GoFundMe page on behalf of Kim Jong-un which was posted to raise funds to purchase a long range nuke to destroy America!

Smear Leader also doubles as a social critic, and wants his works that mock the North Korean leader to raise awareness of the issues that currently exist in the country.



And there’s plenty more too…

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  1. Sheikh

    18th February 2016 at 9:31 pm

    So that’s the case? Quite a retialveon that is.