The 5p Plastic Bag Charge Has Sent The Internet Into Meltdown! Here’s Some Of The Best Reactions!


Plastic bags in the UK are no longer FREE, and rather unsurprisingly many people across the UK have reacted to the news they’ll have to pay a whopping 5p to carry their shopping home!

Needless to say some of the responses are hilarious, with witty responses found across Twitter and other social platforms following the plastic bag charge.

Here we’ve picked a selection of the best for your entertainment…

plastic bags

Via: Twitter

Bags of laughs…

Shoppers must now pay 5p for every bag they want when shopping – with the new rules applying to supermarkets and large stores that have more than 250 employees across the country.

The best reactions to the 5p plastic bag charge

And saving the best until last… How not to react when someone refuses to pay the plastic bag charge…