13 Rare Facts You Didn’t Know About Kurt Cobain.

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The recent release of the Montage of Heck, which critics are describing as one of the most thoughtful, intimate rock documentaries ever made, there is a renewed focus on the 90’s preeminent frontman – Kurt Cobain – in the media.

We looked behind the man behind the music to bring you 13 facts you [probably] didn’t know about Kurt Cobain.

1. Despite the rumours you may have heard, Kurt did not roadie or audition unsuccessfully for The Melvins before forming Nirvana.

kurt cobain auditioned for the melvins before forming nirvana

In an interview with Kurt’s childhood friend and The Melvin’s frontman, Buzz Osbourne, Osbourne said:

I always think it’s funny that people say he roadied for us. Look at him! He couldn’t lift himself out of bed. You think he could roadie for someone? But we all hung out a lot. Krist Novoselic drove for us for a while. But roadie? We didn’t have a roadie. I didn’t even know what a roadie was until 1990. In order to hire someone to roadie you have to be making money. The first time we made money was in 1988, and that was $200. If we would go to Seattle and play a show and make $160, maybe we’d all go buy everyone a burrito. That’s it. There was no money.

And people also say Kurt tried out for The Melvins. Yeah, right. I’ve never had tryouts for this band, ever. I can’t imagine doing that. We all jammed and played together back then. It was hopeless and stupid and horrific and mind numbing. There are happy memories, but in the end it’s a tragedy. I can’t rewrite history in such a way that makes me feel good about it. Honestly, I wish Kurt would have never become famous and was still alive.

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