How Many Of These Great One Hit Wonders Do You Remember?

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If you hear the phrase ‘one hit wonders’ what do you think of?

The world of music is littered with artists and bands who have tasted brief success but who never went on to sell album after album.

baha men

Here, we’ve picked some of the finest examples of these hits. Some will be instantly memorable from 90s school discos while others just scream’ cheese’!

As part of #OneHitWonderDay, here’s a chance to reminisce and to wonder what part of obscurity these artists ended up in…

The very best one hit wonders…

Chesney Hawkes – One And Lonely

Via: Youtube

Possibly the song with the most ironic name given it was Chesney’s one and only hit, it still gave him enough success to mean he can still regularly turn up to Freshers parties and graduation balls…

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