Young Goalkeeper Pays The Price For Playful Penny Prank

Young goalkeeper Lawrence Vigouroux probably thought he was being funny when he turned up at Swindon , where he was on loan, to pay a fine using only 1p coins!

But it would appear the stopper has dropped a clanger, as League One Swindon cut his loan short and sent him packing back to parent club Liverpool.

And all because he turned up to training late!


Via: Twitter

Time for the goalkeeper to pay up…

Having joined the club in August, Vigouroux had impressed during the fist few games of the season, but his poor time keeping saw him issued with a £150 fine.

Senior players had that cut to £50 but it would seem the Chilean goalkeeper wanted to have the last laugh, as he turned up to pay with bags full of pennies.


Via: Twitter

Not seeing the funny side…

This didn’t go down too well with the hierarchy at Swindon (rather unsurprisingly), who decided to shepherd the goalkeeper quickly towards the exit door!

We guess you could say the penny had dropped!