Best Apps for Sending Free Text Messages

Communication is essential in all walks of life. In business it is crucial for the smooth and coherent running of things. The ability to send a free SMS allows us to keep in touch and discover what our friends have been up to.

The way in which we communicate has changed significantly as technology has revolutionised how we live. Email and Social Networking sites have played a large part in those changes, negating the need in many instances to hold an actual conversation.

While text messaging has been an everyday occurrence for the best part of two decades; instant messaging is something that has become much more popular in recent times. It isn’t difficult to see why; they are a secure, usually free and very convenient way of sending a message. Here are the best apps for sending a free text message.

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Blackberry Messenger

blackberry messenger free text message app

Blackberry Messenger (BBM) has been around a long time and was one of the first ways to send a free SMS on the market. Originally available for Blackberry users only it was one of the reasons why Blackberries gained popularity in the early days of smartphones. In recent years BBM has been made available on Android, iOS and Window Phones devices.

All BBMs are encrypted during transmission, and pass through a firewall before they hit Blackberry servers. This makes it an incredibly secure way of sending a message to a friend, colleague or associate.

Blackberry Messenger Website


whatsapp free sms app

When Facebook splashed out $19 billion for WhatsApp it was obvious that the App has huge appeal and potential. It is probably the best known messaging app out there that uses your Wi – Fi or internet mobile signal to send and receive messages.

It uses your mobile number to connect with others which makes it easy to find friends. However as it uses an internet connection rather than your mobile phone provider it means you can send messages for free.

Whatsapp Website


kik free sms message app

Kik is another extremely popular app with over 80 million users. It has many similar features as WhatsApp such as the ability to send photos and have group chats. It also has a Photobomb feature which is the apps answer to Snapchat.

Kik operates similarly to BBM  in that it connects using a pin rather than a username and does not require your phone number.

Kik Website


send free text message with skype

Skype is probably the best known app out there for video calling and conferencing. However Skype also supports messaging and free SMS as well as the sending of media files and group messaging. Connection to Skype can be done either through a username and password or through an existing Microsoft account.

Skype Website

Facebook Messenger

best messaging apps facebook messenger

Facebook remains by some distance the world’s largest social network and Facebook Messenger comes pre-installed on many devices. Otherwise it can be got through the Google Play store.

The big advantage that Facebook Messenger has is its connection to Facebook, allowing you to instantly send a free text message to any of your friends that are on there. Most people have many more Facebook friends than contacts in their phonebook making it a really easy way to connect with people.

Another clever feature of Facebook Messenger is Chat Heads. When someone sends you a message you can retrieve it straight away without having to log into your account. A little round floating profile picture appears alerting you that you have a new message.

Facebook Messenger Website


snapchat messaging apps

The picture messaging app gained a certain notoriety when it was first launched but as time has gone on it’s become an ever popular way to share images quickly and privately. The images only hang around for a maximum of 10 seconds before being consigned to history.

The free SMS app is primarily for picture and videos messaging although a small amount of text can be added. Although images you receive will disappear you can save your own images. All in all this is an app to have a bit of fun with.

Snapchat Website

What do you think of our list of the best free text message apps available today? Do you think we left any out? Let us know in the comments below.